Can luxury vinyl flooring be steam cleaned?

Can luxury vinyl flooring be steam cleaned?

While some would have you believe it's acceptable to steam clean your luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring, we have to recommend that you do not. In today’s post, we’ll tell you why and what you can do instead to have the cleanest floors possible, so read along with us.

Cleaning options for luxury vinyl plank and tile

If you have luxury vinyl tile or plank, cleaning and maintenance are easy procedures that should require a steam cleaner. Unfortunately, if you use this level of heat on these floors, it could potentially damage the floor and void your warranty, all at the same time.
Most luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers advise against the use of steam cleaning devices, so we do the same to ensure the best functionality of your floors long term. Heat can warp your flooring and cause adhesives to fail for a horrible experience that we know you won’t appreciate.

To clean your new luxury vinyl, be sure to sweep up dirt and debris daily or as necessary and use a damp mop to clean up afterward. For bigger messes or dried stains, use a manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution for the best results.

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