Transform your dining room with luxury vinyl flooring

Transform your dining room with luxury vinyl flooring

Did you know that luxury vinyl plank and tile could be a fantastic choice for your dining room? Not only is it durable enough to stand up to wear, but the visuals are outstanding too.

These floors can create the space you need without sacrificing and thing, and you should know more about it. So here are some facts to help you decide to serve you well.

The durable dining room

The dining room is known for frequent spills, messes, and accidents, especially if you have children. In addition, specific areas can take a beating during meal prep, serving, and cleanup.

LVP flooring makes it easier to clean up any mess, including liquid spills that have been set for a long time. But they're also 100% waterproof, so flood damage cannot destroy these flooring options.

The beautiful dining room

Taking the time to match your specific décor can have fantastic results. And it’s easy to do with materials from this flooring line.

Choose from products that mimic natural materials like tile, stone, and solid hardwood flooring, with colors, textures, and styles to match any need. Also, check to see if any current trends will serve your needs for LVT that keep you current longer.

Contact an associate if you have questions about any material, service, or installation. We'll give you detailed installation information when you choose your specific materials.

We have the flooring you need for your dining room

Mal Elfman’s of Waltham, INC., offers floor coverings that give you the results you want and need. And our associates are happy to work alongside you for the best remodel.

If you’re ready for the best luxury vinyl flooring, visit our showroom in Waltham, MA, whenever you’re in the area. We provide luxury vinyl tile and plank for you, as we've provided for residents from Boston, Wellesley, Newton, and Brookline, so stop by today.