What is luxury vinyl flooring?

What is luxury vinyl flooring?

At our Mal Elfman’s of Waltham, INC showroom, our flooring professionals answer a wide range of questions from homeowners looking to renovate their homes. However, one of the most common queries concerns luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Since vinyl installations are growing in popularity, homeowners want to know more about this impressive yet incredibly affordable installation option that comes in many remarkable look-alike designs.

What’s the difference between vinyl tile and plank?

When it comes down to it, the main difference between a tile and plank vinyl installation is its specific size and shape. Simply put, the material itself is the same in both cases, though you will need to select between slats and tiles. Typically, the choice hinges on what type of look you are going for. If you’re interested in a classic hardwood appearance, then planks are likely what you want. These slats look just like the typical hardwood installation, though usually a bit thicker than its tile counterpart, and click into place easily. The plus side here is the added underfoot cushioning.

On the other hand, tiles are perhaps a better fit if you would like a stone or granite design. They, too, are simple to install and are available in a grout or no-grout installation. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that a vast assortment of colors, patterns, and styles are available in both options. Also, either one provides waterproof, stain-resistance, and a long lifespan. Their hyper-realistic appearances, combined with easy care and maintenance, make vinyl tiles and planks a true favorite for homeowners on a budget that don’t want to compromise on durability or appearance.

Get a quality, attractive vinyl installation

Find high-quality, beautiful luxury vinyl flooring at our Mal Elfman’s of Waltham, INC showroom in Waltham, MA. Our experts service the Greater Boston region, providing homeowners with a vast assortment of surfacing alternatives. Your renovation project isn’t complete without stunning, durable, long-lasting floors!