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What carpet has to offer your home

If you’re looking for that exceptional look in flooring for your home, you may need to look no further than our amazing carpet line. This material not only offers you the one and only soft surface flooring you’ll absolutely love, but the benefits and characteristics are likely to leave you unable to choose anything else. You should certainly continue reading, and consider stopping in to see and feel these samples for yourself, before moving on to another material.

Mal Elfman’s Flooring offers an extensive line of flooring and exceptional services for the areas of Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Boston, and Waltham. At our Waltham, MA showroom, you’ll find friendly and dependable professionals to assist you with every aspect of your flooring project, from picking the perfect material, to installation and beyond. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll make sure you walk away satisfied with the service you receive. Large or small, we can assist with all your flooring needs. So be sure to visit us at your convenience.

Choosing the perfect carpet

Do you have special concerns about your flooring? When it comes to carpet, many homeowners fear that stains will become an issue. That is so important to our customers that we are absolutely thrilled to offer carpet with stain protection built right into the fibers themselves. With these products, you’ll never have to worry about set-in stains or dingy, dirty looking floors. In fact, these materials are so easy to clean, yet never lose their stain fighting power with repeated cleanings.
Luxurious carpet in Waltham, MA from Elfman's Flooring
Allergies are another major issue for those considering this floor covering. In the past, homeowners were advised to strip their homes of all carpet, and not to even consider putting it back in. Now, we have hypoallergenic fibers being manufactured that offer a much cleaner breathing experience for our customers.

When winter comes, the amazing heat retaining properties of carpet become a favorite benefit. Acting as an extra layer of insulation, carpet flooring and its under padding retain much of the heat that your furnace will create. This makes your home warmer and more energy efficient than ever before, and that’s a difference you’ll be able to feel. You’ll also appreciate the money-saving capabilities that are a natural result.

Additional benefits of this flooring include noise reduction, excellent color, style, and design options, and the softest underfoot feel you’ll ever experience.

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