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The amazing transformation hardwood flooring brings

Every homeowner has considered hardwood flooring at least once. The reasons are numerous and rest on the primary requirements of each home. It could be the elegant and timeless appeal these floors bring to your decor. Some prefer the fact that it offers one of the longest lifespans of any floor covering available. Still, others look for the amazing list of benefits that come standard with this material. Your own reasons may be different still, but regardless of exactly what you’re looking for, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this flooring.

At Mal Elfman’s Flooring, you’ll quickly find that we place customer service in first place. Our friendly sales consultants will meet you as you enter our Waltham, MA showroom, ready to answer any questions you have and assist in helping you find the best material for your floors. Serving the areas of Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Boston, and Waltham, we make sure all needs are met before you leave. If you’re looking to get a flooring project of your own started, be sure you stop in to see us. We look forward to earning your business.

Hardwood options and benefits you’ll love

As possibly the last floor covering you’ll ever have installed, it’s important to choose your options in hardwood flooring wisely. Everything starts off with your choice of wood species. This could be the most important choice, as it determines how your flooring will handle ongoing traffic. Harder species are better rated for exceptional levels of activity and traffic, while softer species do well in rooms with very little traffic.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Boston, MA from Elfman's Flooring
After species decisions, you’ll get to discuss options for stain colors. Choosing site finished materials can greatly open up your color options, although your installation, in this case, will take longer. If you prefer a quicker installation, you can opt instead for prefinished materials to be used. Be sure to discuss which will truly be more beneficial for your specific circumstances.

Choosing the perfect finish can be so much more than it seems at first. While an overall look, in addition to your interior decor, can drive this decision, it can also have a lasting effect on how everyday wear and tear shows through. For instance, the classic high gloss look can create a stunning decor effect; however, it shows almost every sign of wear. Distressed or hand scraped finishes, on the other hand, can hide a great deal of this, giving you better looking floors for much longer periods.

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